Available Color Modes

You can set the projector to use these Color Modes, depending on the input source you are using:

Color Mode Description
Dynamic Best for projecting in a bright room
Presentation Best for color presentations in a bright room
Theatre Best for movies projected in a dark room
Photo1 Best for still images projected in a bright room
Sports2 Best for television images in a bright room
sRGB Best for standard sRGB computer displays
DICOM SIM1 Best for projecting X-ray photographs and other medical images
Multi-Projection Best for projecting from multiple projectors (reduces the color tone difference between images)

1 Only available when inputting RGB signals

2 Only available when the input signal is component video, or when the input source is Video or S-Video

Note: The DICOM SIM Color Mode is for reference purposes only and should not be used to make medical diagnoses.