Projector Lamp Specifications

Type UHE (Ultra High Efficiency)
Power consumption 380 W per lamp (standard lamp)

304 W per lamp (portrait lamp)

Lamp life

(standard lamps)

Normal Power Consumption mode:

PowerLite Pro Z9870NL/Z9800WNL/Z9750UNL:

Up to about 3000 hours (using two lamps)

PowerLite Pro Z9900WNL/Z9870UNL:

Up to about 2500 hours (using two lamps)

PowerLite Pro Z11005NL/Z11000WNL/Z10000UNL/Z10005UNL:

Up to about 2000 hours (using two lamps)

ECO Power Consumption mode (all models):

Up to about 4000 hours (using two lamps)

Lamp life

(portrait lamps)

Up to about 1000 hours (using two lamps; all models)
Note: Turn off this product when not in use to prolong the life of the projector. Lamp life will vary depending upon mode selected, environmental conditions, and usage. Brightness decreases over time.