Selecting a Scan Area - Professional Mode

You can select a specific area in your preview image to include in your scanned image. You can select the entire image area or a portion of it. You can even select multiple scan areas to create multiple scanned images of different areas (Normal Preview mode only).

You can also use the scan area to select specific image Adjustments settings for a scanned image. Just be sure to click inside the scan area before selecting the settings.

Note: In Professional Mode, the default Preview mode is Normal Preview mode. To use Thumbnail Preview mode instead, click the Thumbnail tab.
  1. Do one of the following to select your scan area in the Preview image:
    • Normal preview: Click the Auto Locate icon to create a marquee (dotted line) on the preview image.

    • Thumbnail preview: Your scan area is selected automatically, but you can change it. Place your cursor in one corner of the desired scan area, then click and drag the cursor to the opposite corner to create a marquee (dotted line) on the preview image.

  2. Do the following, as necessary, to work with the selected scan area:
    • If the marquee is correct, continue with the next step.
    • To move the marquee, click inside the scan area and drag the marquee where you want it.
    • To resize the scan area, place your cursor over the edge or corner of the marquee, then click and drag the edges where you want them. (Hold down the Shift key as you resize the marquee to retain the same width/height proportions.)
    • Normal preview: To create additional marquees (up to 50, if available), click the Copy Marquee icon to copy the existing marquee and paste it on the preview image.
    • To delete a marquee, click the marquee, then click the Delete Marquee icon.
    • Thumbnail preview: To change the preview style, click one of the Size icons.
    Note: If you draw multiple marquees, make sure you select the All button in the Preview window before you scan. Otherwise, only the area inside the currently selected marquee will be scanned.
  3. Click inside the scan area and make any necessary settings in the Epson Scan window.
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