Fax Send Settings

While sending a fax, you can select these options.

Setting Options Description
Resolution Standard Adjusts the scan resolution and print quality for outgoing faxes.
Density Auto Automatically adjusts the darkness of outgoing faxes.
Manual Lets you select from various density levels.
Direct Send Off Sends monochrome faxes to a single recipient as soon as the connection is made, without saving the scanned image to memory. You cannot use this feature when sending a color fax or sending to multiple recipients.
Transmission Report Print on Error Lets you select when to print transmission reports.
Do Not Print
Send Fax Later Off You can set to send a fax at a specified time. Only monochrome faxes can be sent when the time to send is specified.
Polling Receive Off You can receive a fax stored on another fax machine for fax polling by dialing the fax number. You can receive a specific document from a fax information service by following the audio guidance of the service.
Reprint Faxes Prints received faxes temporarily stored in the printer's memory from the latest one. When the printer runs out of memory, the faxes are automatically deleted from the oldest one. Received faxes stored in the inbox are not automatically deleted.
Fax Report Fax Settings List Prints the current fax settings.
Fax Log Prints a transmission report automatically after you send a fax.
Last Transmission Prints a report for the previous fax that was sent or received through polling.
Protocol Trace Prints a list of fax documents stored in the printer’s memory, such as unfinished jobs.
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