Image Quality Settings - Image Menu

Settings on the Image menu let you adjust the quality of your image for the input source you are currently using. The available settings depend on the currently selected input source.

To change settings for an input source, make sure the source is connected and select that source.

Setting Options Description
Color Mode See the list of available Color Modes Adjusts the vividness of image colors for various image types and environments
Brightness Varying levels available Lightens or darkens the overall image
Contrast Varying levels available Adjusts the difference between light and dark areas of the image
Color Saturation Varying levels available Adjusts the intensity of the image colors
Tint Varying levels available Adjusts the balance of green to magenta tones in the image
Sharpness Varying levels available Adjusts the sharpness or softness of image details
Color Temp. (color temperature) High



Sets the overall color tone; High tints the image blue and Low tints the image red
Color Adjustment Slider bars for each color Adjusts the intensity of individual hues in the image
Auto Iris Off


High Speed

Adjusts the projected luminance based on the image brightness when the Dynamic or Theatre Color Modes are selected; High Speed sets faster luminance correction for fast-moving images
Note: The Brightness setting does not affect lamp brightness. To change the lamp brightness mode, use the Power Consumption setting.
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