Controlling a Networked Projector Using a Web Browser

Once you have connected your projector to your network, you can select projector settings and control projection using a compatible web browser. This lets you access the projector remotely.
Note: The web setup and control features support Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 or later, and Safari on networks that do not use a proxy server for connection. You cannot select all of the projector menu settings or control all projector functions using a web browser.
Note: If you want to use a web browser to select settings when the projector is turned off, you need to adjust the Standby Mode settings in the ECO menu.
  1. Make sure the projector is turned on.
  2. Start your web browser on a computer connected to the network.
  3. Type the projector's IP address into the browser's address box and press the computer's Enter key. You see the Web Control screen and a prompt to enter a user ID and password.
  4. Enter the following information in uppercase or lowercase letters, exactly as shown:
    • For the user ID, enter EPSONWEB. (You cannot change the user ID.)
    • For the password, enter the default password admin. (You can change the Web Control password using the projector's Network menu.)
  5. To select projector menu settings, select the name of the menu and follow the on-screen instructions to select settings.
  6. To control projection remotely, select the Web Remote option.
    Note: If the Web Remote Password is set to On, the user ID for the remote is EPSONREMOTE.
    You see this screen:

    1 Power button control
    2 Captures the projected image. Switch to whiteboard mode to paste the image into a new page.
    3 Prints the projected image.
    4 Freeze button control
    5 A/V Mute button control
    6 Page Up and Page Down button controls
    7 Searches for sources
    8 Switches to whiteboard mode.
    9 Saves the projected image in .png format.
    10 Volume button controls
    11 Closed Caption control
  7. Select the icon corresponding to the projector function you want to control.
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