Supported PC Free File Types

You can project these types of files using the projector's PC Free feature.

Note: For best results, place your files on media that is formatted in FAT16/32. If you have trouble projecting from media formatted for non-Windows file systems, try formatting the media for Windows instead. You may not be able to use the security features on certain USB storage devices with PC Free features. When connecting a USB-compatible hard drive, connect the AC adapter supplied with the drive.

Graphic and Text File Formats

File contents File type (extension) Details
Image .jpg Make sure the file is not:
  • CMYK format
  • Progressive format
  • Highly compressed
  • Above 8192 × 8192 resolution
  • Over 12MB in size
  • Named with a .jpeg extension
.bmp Make sure the file resolution is not above 2048 × 2048
.gif Make sure the file is not:
  • Above 2048 × 2048 resolution
  • Animated
.png Make sure the file resolution is not above 2048 × 2048
PDF .pdf Make sure the file is not:
  • Saved in PDF version 1.7 or earlier format
  • Encrypted

Movie File Formats

File type (extension) Movie codec Audio codec Recording quality
.mpg MPEG-2 MPEG-1 Layer 1/2

You can play back MPEG contents with no audio.

You cannot play back audio from Linear PCM and AC-3 content.

Make sure the file is not named with an .mpeg extension.

Maximum bit rate: 12 Mbps

Maximum resolution: 1280 × 720

.mp4 MPEG-4 ASP


.wmv WMV9 WMA
.avi Motion JPEG Linear PCM


Note: For best results, do not use a USB storage device with a slow access speed or the movies may not play back correctly. You cannot project files to which DRM (Digital Rights Management) is applied.