Print Setting Options - Memory Card

Select the Print Settings options you want to use when printing photos displayed on the LCD screen.

Print settings Available options Description
Paper Size Various paper sizes Indicates the size of paper you have loaded
Paper Type Various paper types Indicates the type of paper you have loaded; see the list of paper types for copying (available options depend on the selected Paper Size setting)
Paper Source Cassette 1 Prints onto paper loaded in Cassette 1 (upper cassette)
Cassette 2 Prints onto paper loaded in Cassette 2 (lower cassette)
Cassette 1>Cassette 2 Prints onto paper loaded in Cassette 1 and then onto paper loaded in Cassette 2 when the first cassette is empty (load the same size and type of paper in both cassettes when selecting this option)
Borderless Borderless Expands the image to the edge of the paper (slight cropping may occur)
With Border Leaves a small margin around the image
Quality Draft Provides lower quality for draft printing
Standard Provides good quality for most prints
Best Provides the highest quality for important prints
Expansion Standard Expands images correctly for most borderless prints
Medium Expands images slightly less for borderless prints
Minimum Expands images the least for borderless prints (you may see some white border)
Date Various date formats Prints the date the photo was taken on the photo in the format you select
Print Info. On Photos Off Turns off this setting
Camera Text Prints text that you added in your camera
Landmark Prints location information embedded in a photo by cameras that have a built-in GPS feature
Fit Frame On Automatically crops the photo to fit into the selected photo layout
Off Turns off automatic cropping
Bidirectional On Prints at normal speed
Off Slows down printing to improve print quality
Note: To return to default print settings, press the  cancel button, select No and press the OK button.
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