Printing a Network Status Sheet

You can print a network status sheet to help you determine the causes of any problems you may have using your product on a network.
  1. Press the  home button, if necessary.
  2. Press the arrow buttons to select Setup and press the OK button.
  3. Select Network Settings and press the OK button. You see this screen:

  4. Select Network Status and press the OK button. You see a screen like this:

    Note: If you are connected to a network, the signal strength is also displayed.
  5. Press the left or right arrow button to view additional options.
  6. Press the up or down arrow buttons to select Print Status Sheet and press the OK button.
  7. Press the  start button to print the network status sheet. (Press the  back button if you want to cancel the operation.)
Examine the settings shown on the network status sheet to diagnose any problems you have.
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