Available Scanned File Types and Optional Settings

You can select from a variety of scanned file types and optional settings on the File Save Settings window in Epson Scan.

File Formats

Bitmap (*.bmp)
A standard image file format for most Windows programs.
JPEG (*.jpg)
An image format that lets you highly compress image data. However, the higher the compression, the lower the image quality. (The TIFF format is recommended when you need to modify or retouch your scanned image.)
Multi-TIFF (*.tif)
A TIFF file format when multiple pages are saved to the same file, allowing you to edit the images using a compatible program.
PDF (*.pdf)
A document format that is readable by Windows and OS X systems using Adobe Reader, Acrobat, or other programs. You can save multi-page documents in one PDF file.
PICT (*.pct)
A standard image file format for most OS X programs.
PRINT Image Matching II (*.jpg or *.tif)
File formats that include Epson PRINT Image Matching II data for enhanced quality and a wider color range (does not affect the way the image displays on the screen).
TIFF (*.tif)
A file format created for exchanging data between many programs, such as graphic and DTP software.

Optional Settings

Overwrite any files with the same name
Select to overwrite previous files with the same names.
Show this dialog box before next scan
Select to have the File Save Settings window appear automatically before you scan (in certain Epson Scan modes).
Open image folder after scanning
Select to have Windows Explorer or OS X Finder automatically open to the folder where your scanned image is saved after scanning.
Show Add Page dialog after scanning
If you are scanning a multi-page document using the PDF or Multi-TIFF format, select to display a prompt for scanning additional pages after the first page is scanned.
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