Viewing Faxes on the LCD Screen

You can save received faxes in your product's memory and view them on the LCD screen. To save faxes rather than printing them, select Setup > Fax Settings > Receive Settings > Fax Output > Change Settings > Save to Inbox.
  1. Press the  home button, if necessary. If faxes have been received, you see a message on the home screen.
  2. Select Open Inbox.
  3. Select the fax you want to view. You see the fax displayed on the screen.
  4. Do the following, as necessary:
    • To view the next fax, select the right arrow icon.
    • To print the fax, press the  start button.
    • To display the menu for printing and deleting, select the icon.
Note: You can also select Menu on the main Inbox screen and print or delete all faxes at the same time. Delete faxes after you print or view them to prevent the product's memory from filling up. When the memory is full, you cannot receive or send faxes.
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