Projector Setup Settings - ECO Menu

Settings on the ECO menu let you customize projector functions to save power. When you select a power-saving setting, a leaf icon appears next to the menu item.

Setting Options Description
Power Consumption Normal


Selects the brightness mode of the projector lamp

Normal: sets maximum lamp brightness

ECO: reduces lamp brightness and fan noise, and saves power and lamp life

Light Optimizer On


When Power Consumption is set to Normal, the lamp brightness is adjusted based on the projected image; you can set this option for each color mode
Sleep Mode On


Automatically places the projector in standby mode after an interval of inactivity
Sleep Mode Timer 1 to 30 minutes Sets the interval for Sleep Mode
Lens Cover Timer On


Automatically turns off the projector after 30 minutes if the lens cover is closed
A/V Mute Timer On


Automatically turns off the projector after 30 minutes if A/V Mute is enabled
Standby Mode Communication On

Communication Off

Communication On indicates that the projector can be monitored and controlled over a network when the projector is in standby mode
ECO Display On


Displays a leaf icon in the bottom left corner of the projected screen to indicate the power-saving status when the lamp brightness changes
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