Placing Film in the Film Area Guide

You can scan oversized film up to 8 × 10 inch (203 × 254 mm) using the film area guide. Scan using Epson Scan Professional Mode and select Film (with Film Area Guide) as the Document Type.
Hold only the edges of the film strips or use gloves, or you may damage the film.
Note: You cannot use DIGITAL ICE Technology when using the film area guide. You cannot use Full Auto Mode or Home Mode when scanning film with the film area guide. If you scan 8 × 10 inch (203 × 254 mm) film at 4800 dpi resolution and 24 bit color as the Image Type, do not save it in BMP, Tiff, or JPEG format.
  1. Open the scanner cover.
  2. Remove the document mat from the scanner cover, if necessary.
  3. Place the film area guide on the scanner glass and align it as shown.

  4. Place the film in the film area guide with the shiny side facing down. Make sure the entire image frame is positioned within the film area guide.

    Note: The images and any wording on the film should appear backward. Do not cover the area shown or colors in your scan may be affected.

  5. Close the scanner cover gently to keep the film in place.
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