Placing 35 mm Film Strips on the Scanner

You can place 35 mm film strips on the scanner using the 35 mm film strip holder.
Hold only the edges of the film strips or use gloves, or you may damage the film.
Note: Make sure the white areas on the back of the holder are not scratched, dirty, or covered in any way or the scanner may not correctly detect the holder during scanning.
  1. Open the 35 mm film strip holder covers.
  2. Slide up to three film strips into the holder with the shiny side facing up so that images and any wording on the film strips are not backward.

    Note: Do not cover any of the small holes in the holder; they are used as guides in the Thumbnail feature.
  3. Close any open holder covers and press them down until they click into place. Also press down all the edges of the covers to secure them. Make sure the film strips are not pinched or curled.

  4. Turn the film holder over.

  5. Open the scanner cover.
  6. Remove the document mat from the scanner cover, if necessary.
  7. Place the holder on the scanner glass as shown. Align the arrows on the holder with the arrows on the scanner.

  8. Close the scanner cover gently to keep the holder in place.