Placing Originals on the Scanner Glass

You can place originals directly on the scanner glass.
Do not place heavy objects on the scanner glass and do not press on the glass with too much force, or it may damage the scanner. Do not leave photos on the scanner glass for an extended period, or they may stick to the glass.
  1. Open the scanner cover.

  2. Make sure the document mat is installed inside the scanner cover.
  3. Place your original facedown on the scanner glass with the top edge facing as shown. Slide the original to the edges of the indicated corner.

    Note: You can place multiple originals on the scanner glass. Make sure they are at least 0.8 inch (20 mm) away from each other.
    Note: If the originals have white borders, the built-in auto recognition feature may not detect the edges properly when scanning multiples. If this is the case, scan each original separately or manually select the scan area.
  4. Close the scanner cover gently to keep your original in place.

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