Using the Epson Fluid Mount Option

You can scan film up to 5 × 9 inches (127 × 229 mm) with the optional Epson fluid mount.
  1. Cut a sheet of clear mounting film to fit within the frame of the fluid mount tray. The sheet must be large enough to cover the film you’re going to scan.
  2. Set the Epson fluid mount guide on your work table. Then place the fluid mount tray on top of the guide.

    1 Tray
    2 Guide
    3 Grid
    Note: Use the grid to align your film while mounting it on the tray. The grid indicates the optimal area for 6400 dpi scanning.
  3. Place a drop or two of mounting fluid on the glass tray where you want to mount your film. Only a few drops are needed to mount a six-frame 35-mm strip.

    Note: You need to work quickly so the mounting fluid doesn’t evaporate.
  4. Place your film over the wet area. Use the grid to align your film.
  5. Apply a small amount of fluid to the top of your film.
  6. Place the clear mounting film on top. Use a lint-free cloth, roller, or gloved hands to press down on the film and then outward toward the edges to remove trapped air bubbles.
  7. Open the scanner cover and remove the document mat, if necessary.

  8. Lift the fluid mount tray off the guide and place it on the scanner. Orient it so the narrow window of the tray is toward the back of the scanner. Do not block the window.

  9. Close the scanner cover.
  10. Start Epson Scan and select Professional Mode as the mode setting.
  11. Select Film (with Film Holder) as the Document Type.

  12. Select the Film Type, Image Type, and Resolution settings you want to use.
    Note: You can select up to 6400 dpi for the best image quality.
  13. Click the Preview button to preview your images.
    Note: Make sure the Normal tab is selected in the preview window.
  14. Select the scan area for each photo individually, being careful to select only the image itself and not the surrounding area. Then make any desired image adjustments before scanning.
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