DIGITAL ICE Technology Specifications

To use DIGITAL ICE Technology, your system must meet the requirements listed here. Additional resources may be needed to process and store your scanned images at the specified sizes and resolutions.

Original Types

System Resources

Original type Resolution* Hard disk space System memory
35 mm film or slides 150 dpi 1MB 8MB
300 dpi 1MB 15MB
600 dpi 4MB 30MB
1200 dpi 16MB 59MB
2400 dpi 63MB 117MB
3600 dpi 142MB 175MB
12800 dpi 251MB 233MB
Medium format film 150 dpi 4MB 34MB
300 dpi 8MB 70MB
600 dpi 29MB 139MB
1200 dpi 116MB 277MB
2400 dpi 464MB 553MB
3600 dpi 1042MB 830MB
12800 dpi 1853MB 1106MB
4 x 5 inch film 150 dpi 4MB 36MB
300 dpi 13MB 72MB
600 dpi 51MB 144MB
1200 dpi 202MB 287MB
2400 dpi 805MB 573MB
3600 dpi 1811MB 859MB
12800 dpi 3219MB 1145MB

* The resolutions listed here are the higher resolutions used by DIGITAL ICE Technology, and are higher than the resolutions you can select in Epson Scan.