Loading Paper and Envelopes

You can load envelopes and paper up to this size in the rear paper feed: Legal (8.5 × 14 inches [216 × 357 mm]).
  1. Lift up and open the printer cover.

  2. Slide the edge guide to the left.

  3. Do one of the following:
    • Load paper in the rear paper feed behind the tabs, with the glossy or printable side faceup.

    • Load an envelope with the flap edge facedown and to left, as shown.

    • Load one sheet of loose-leaf paper (or other paper with holes along the sides) with the glossy or printable side faceup.
  4. Slide the edge guide against the paper, but not too tightly.

    Note: Make sure the paper fits under the tab on the edge guide. If you cannot move the edge guide, make sure the part on the right side is in the correct position. Slide the edge guide all the way left and the part on the right side all the way right, then try again.

  5. Select the size and type of paper you just loaded on the product LCD screen.
Always follow these paper loading guidelines:
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