Using the Remote Control as a Wireless Mouse

You can use the projector's remote control as a wireless mouse so you can control projection at a distance from the computer.
Note: This function does not work when you project from a device connected using an MHL cable.
  1. Connect the projector to a computer using the projector's USB-B, Computer, or HDMI port to display video.
  2. If you connected your computer to a port other than the projector's USB-B port, also connect a USB cable to the projector's USB-B port and to a USB port on your computer (for wireless mouse support).
  3. Start your presentation.
  4. Use the following buttons on the remote control to control your presentation:
    • To move through slides or pages, press the up or down Page buttons.

    • To move the cursor on the screen, use the arrow buttons.
    • To left-click, press the button once (press it twice to double-click).
    • To right-click, press the Esc button.
    • To drag-and-drop, hold the button as you move the cursor with the arrow buttons, then release at the destination.
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