Using the Scanner as a Copier - Copy Utility

You can use your scanner along with a printer connected to your computer just like you would use a copy machine. Using the Copy Utility, you can enlarge or reduce, restore faded colors, and adjust a variety of other settings as you copy.
  1. Do one of the following to start Copy Utility:
    • Windows 8.x: Navigate to the Apps screen and select Copy Utility.
    • Windows (other versions): Click or Start, and select All Programs or Programs. Select EPSON Software, then select Copy Utility.
    • Mac: Open the Applications folder, select the Epson Software folder, and select Copy Utility.
    • Press the  copy button on the scanner.
    You see a window like this:

  2. Click the Scan icon. You see a window like this:

    Note: If you started the scan from a scanner button, the Epson Scan window opens automatically. If you have previously used Epson Scan, it may start in a different mode.
  3. Select any scan settings you want to use.
    Note: See the Help information in Epson Scan for details.
  4. Click Scan. You see a thumbnail of your scan in the Copy Utility window. You may need to click Close on the Epson Scan window to display the thumbnail.
  5. If you would like to scan additional originals and add them to the current captured images, click Scan again.
  6. Rotate the images if necessary by selecting the thumbnail and clicking the rotate buttons at the bottom of the window.
  7. Select the image(s) you want to print and click the Print button.
  8. Choose a printer from the drop-down list and select settings. Click Printer Settings to select specific printer settings.
    Note: See the Help information in Copy Utility for details.
  9. Click Print to print your selected images.