Scanning in Professional Mode

When you scan in Professional Mode, Epson Scan automatically saves your scanned file in JPEG format in your operating system's Pictures or My Pictures folder, or opens it in your scanning program. You can select settings, preview, and change the scanned file settings as necessary.

  1. Start Epson Scan and select Professional Mode as the Mode setting. You see this window:

  2. Select the Document Type setting that matches your original, such as Reflective for documents or photos.
  3. Select the Document Source setting indicating where you placed your original.
  4. Select the specific type of original you are scanning as the Auto Exposure Type setting: Document or Photo.
  5. Select the details of your original and how you want it scanned as the Image Type setting.
  6. Select the Resolution setting you want to use for your scan.
  7. Click the Preview button. Epson Scan previews your original and displays the result in a separate Preview window.
  8. If desired, select the area in your preview image that you want to scan (scan area).
  9. Select any of the image adjustment settings you want to use. Before making adjustments, click the image or scan area in the Preview window.
  10. If you want to reduce or enlarge your image as you scan, select the Target Size setting you want to use.
  11. Click Scan. You see the File Save Settings window.
  12. Change any of the necessary file save settings and click OK.
Epson Scan scans your original, and saves the file in the selected folder or opens it in your scanning program. If the file was saved directly to your computer, you see the file in the Windows Explorer or OS X Finder, where you can view and print the image, if desired.
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