Wireless LAN Menu Settings

Setting Options Description
Connection Mode Quick


Selects the type of wireless connection:

Quick: lets you quickly connect to one computer or use the optional Quick Wireless Connection USB key to connect

Advanced: lets you connect to multiple computers via a wireless network access point

Channel 1ch



In Quick connection mode, selects the frequency band (channel) used by the wireless LAN
SSID Up 32 alphanumeric characters Sets the SSID (network name) of the wireless LAN system the projector is connecting to
Search Access Point Lets you search for available wireless network access points in Advanced connection mode
IP Settings DHCP

IP Address

Subnet Mask

Gateway Address

In Advanced connection mode, select DHCP if your network assigns addresses automatically, or manually enter the network's IP Address, Subnet Mask, and Gateway Address
SSID Display On


Selects whether to display the SSID on the network standby screen
IP Address Display On


Selects whether to display the IP address on the network standby screen