Selecting Additional Settings - Windows

You can run maintenance utilities and select additional settings that apply to all the print jobs you send to your product.
  1. Access the Windows Desktop and right-click the product icon in the Windows taskbar.
  2. Select Printer Settings.
  3. Click the Utility tab. You see a window like this:

  4. Select any of the following options, as necessary:
    • Nozzle Check to print a nozzle check pattern to check whether the print head nozzles are clogged.
    • Head Cleaning to clean the print head if you notice banding or gaps in your printouts.
    • Print Head Alignment to align the print head if printouts appear grainy or out of focus.
    • Epson Status Monitor 3 to check the printer's status.
    • Monitoring Preferences to select the error notifications displayed on the Epson Status Monitor 3 screen, or add a shortcut to the utility in the Windows taskbar.
    • Print Queue to display a list of all waiting print jobs, view information on the data waiting to be printed, and delete or reprint the jobs.
    • Language to select the language you want to use for the printer software screens.
    • Printer and Option Information to set the time to turn off the printer automatically.
    • Speed and Progress to select various printing options.
    • Menu Arrangement to arrange the Setting, Media Type, and Paper Size options by frequency of use.
    • Export or Import to save the print settings to a file or import them from a file. This is useful when you want to select the same print settings on multiple computers.
    • Driver Update to check the Epson website for any available printer software updates and install them automatically.
  5. Click OK to close the printer software window.
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