Loading a CD/DVD

You can use your product and the Epson Print CD software that came with it to print label designs directly onto ink jet-printable CDs or DVDs. To prevent errors, you should burn files, music, or video onto your CD or DVD before printing.
Warning: Do not open the front manual feed tray or load the CD/DVD tray while your product is operating. This could damage your product.
  1. Turn on your product.
  2. Open the front cover.

  3. Open the front manual feed tray.

  4. Slide the edge guide all the way to the left.

  5. Place your disc on the included CD/DVD tray with the label side up.

    Use the CD/DVD tray supplied with the product. Using a different tray could damage the product, tray, or disc or cause the product to malfunction.
  6. Place the CD/DVD tray against the right side of the front manual feed tray and slide the edge guide against the tray.

  7. Slide in the CD/DVD tray until the arrows on the CD/DVD tray align with the arrows on the front manual feed tray. Make sure the CD/DVD tray is flush against the right side.

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