Cleaning Around the Print Heads

Clean around the print heads to remove any ink, lint, or dust that could affect print quality.

  1. Before you clean around the print heads, move the print heads into maintenance position.
  2. Open the left maintenance cover.

  3. Dampen a new, large cleaning stick with ink cleaner.
  4. Using a cleaning stick, wipe off any ink from the parts shown here in the direction of the arrow. Use the tip of the cleaning stick to remove any lint or dust from the area.

    Note: Do not touch the parts shown here during cleaning or you could adversely affect the print quality.

  5. Repeat step 3 to clean the right print head as shown here.

  6. Using the tip of a small cleaning stick and wiping in one direction, clean any ink from between the nozzles on both print heads as shown here. Clean only the areas shown below.

    Do not press on the nozzles with excessive force or you may damage them. Do not move the cleaning stick back and forth; wipe in one direction only.
  7. Dampen the large cleaning stick with the ink cleaner, then wipe away any dust and dirt on the front, back, and sides of the wiper blade.
  8. Wipe away ink stains and so on from the print head surface by moving the cleaning wiper from the inside toward you once.
    Do not move the cleaning wiper back and forth or you may damage the print head.
    Your cleaned print heads should look like this:

    If any dust or lint remains on the print head, clean it again using the the cleaning wiper.

  9. Wipe stains off the cleaning wiper, and store it in a location that is not exposed to dust and away from direct sunlight.
  10. Close the left maintenance cover.
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