Projector Setup Settings - ECO Menu

Settings on the ECO menu let you customize projector functions to save power. When you select a power-saving setting, a leaf icon appears next to the menu item.

Setting Options Description
Power Consumption Auto



ECO2 (PowerLite 680/685W only)

Selects the brightness mode of the projector lamp

Auto: allows the projector to sense the optimum lamp brightness and adjust the lamp brightness accordingly

Normal: sets maximum lamp brightness

ECO: reduces lamp brightness and fan noise, and saves power and lamp life

ECO2: reduces fan noise less than ECO

Light Optimizer On


When Power Consumption is set to Normal, the lamp brightness is adjusted based on the projected image; you can set this option for each color mode
Sleep Mode On


Automatically places the projector in standby mode after an interval of inactivity
Sleep Mode Timer 1 to 30 minutes Sets the interval for Sleep Mode
A/V Mute Timer On


Automatically turns off the projector after 30 minutes if A/V Mute is enabled
Standby Mode Communication On

Communication Off

Enable this setting to allow the following operations to occur when the projector is in standby mode:
  • Monitor and control the projector over a network
  • Output audio and video to an external device (A/V Output must be set to Always On)
ECO Display On


Displays a leaf icon in the bottom left corner of the projected screen to indicate the power-saving status when the lamp brightness changes
Note: The Power Consumption setting is disabled if you turn on the Multi-Projection setting in the Extended menu.
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