Receive Settings - Fax

Set the receive options you want to use for incoming faxes.

Setting Options Description
Receive Mode Manual Lets you confirm whether an incoming fax should be printed; a telephone must be connected to the product.
Auto Automatically receives and prints faxes.
Distinctive Ring All If you are using a Distinctive Ring Service on your phone line, your telephone company can assign two or more phone numbers to the same line and assign different ring patterns to each. If you use this service, select the number of rings for your fax number so your product can receive faxes on the correct number of rings. All works for phone lines that do not use this service.
Rings to Answer

2 to 9

Sets the number of rings before your product receives a fax. If Receive Mode is set to Auto and an answering machine is connected to the product, make sure this setting is set higher than the number of rings your answering machine is set to for answering a call.
Remote Receive Off Lets you start receiving faxes using your phone instead of operating the product (if the Receive Mode is set to Auto). When you enable this function, you need to set a Start Code. If you are using a cordless handset whose base is connected to the product, you can start receiving the fax by entering the code on the handset.
Start Code
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