Scanning in Epson Scan 2

Epson Scan 2 automatically scans your document and saves the scanned file in PDF format in your operating system's Documents or My Documents folder, or opens it in your scanning program. You can select settings, preview, and change the scanned file settings as necessary.

  1. Load your original in the product.
  2. Start Epson Scan 2. You see this window:

    Note: The Document Source setting is automatically set to ADF for your product.
  3. If you want to scan different size originals by loading them into the ADF one by one, check the Automatic Feeding Mode checkbox. Scanning begins as soon as you load each original.
  4. Select the Scanning Side setting that matches the sides of the original that you want to scan.
  5. Select the Document Size setting that matches the size of your original, or select Auto Detect to have Epson Scan 2 automatically detect the size. You can select Customize to enter a custom size, if necessary.
  6. Select your original image type and how you want it scanned as the Image Type setting.
  7. Select the Resolution setting you want to use for your scan.
  8. Select any of the additional settings that you want to use on the Main Settings tab.
  9. Click the Advanced Settings tab and select any settings that you want to use.
  10. To see a preview of your scan with the settings you selected, click the Preview button. Epson Scan 2 previews your original and displays the results in the Epson Scan 2 window.

  11. Reinsert your original into the ADF.
  12. If scanning an original in a carrier sheet or other special original, see the link below for other setting requirements for special documents.
  13. Select the format in which you want to save your scanned file as the Image Format setting. If necessary, select Options and select any desired format options.
  14. Enter the file name for your scanned file in the File Name field. Select Settings to modify the file name settings.
  15. Select the location in which you want to save your scanned file as the Folder setting. If necessary, select Select to create a new folder.
  16. Click Scan. The product scans your original and saves the scanned file in the location you specified.
  17. If you selected the Automatic Feeding Mode setting, place your next original in the ADF for scanning. When you finish scanning originals, click Finish.
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