Entering a Password to Use the Projector

If a password is set up and a Power On Protection password is enabled, you see a prompt to enter a password whenever you turn on the projector.

You must enter the correct password to use the projector.

  1. Press and hold down the Num button on the remote control while you enter the password using the numeric buttons.

    Note: The default password is 0000.
    The password screen closes.
  2. If the password is incorrect, the following may happen:
    • You see a "wrong password" message and a prompt to try again. Enter the correct password to proceed.
    • If you enter an incorrect password several times in succession, the projector displays a request code and a message to contact Epson Support. Do not attempt to enter the password again. When you contact Epson Support, provide the displayed request code and proof of ownership for assistance in unlocking the projector.
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