Web Control Options

Basic Control

Note: If the Remote Password is set to On, you need to enter your user name and password. (The default username is EPSONREMOTE and the default password is guest).

1 Returns to the Home screen
2 Turns on the projector
3 Input source selection controls
4 Turns off the image temporarily
5 Searches for sources
6 Turns off the projector

OSD Control Pad

1 Returns to the Home screen
2 Displays the projector's setting menus
3 Use your finger or mouse to navigate the menus
4 Returns settings to their default values
5 Returns to the previous menu
6 Displays help topics
Note: You cannot change some settings using Epson Web Control.

Lens Control

Focus/Distortion screen

1 Returns to the Home screen
2 Focus adjustment slider
3 Focus adjustment buttons
4 Distortion adjustment slider (ELPLR05 and ELPLU05 only)
5 Distortion adjustment buttons (ELPLR05 and ELPLU05 only)
6 Displays the Focus/Distortion screen
7 Displays the Zoom screen
8 Displays the Lens Shift screen
9 Displays the Test Pattern screen
10 Displays the Memory screen

Zoom screen

Note: Zoom is not available for the ELPLR05 lens.

1 Zoom adjustment slider
2 Zoom adjustment buttons

Lens Shift screen

1 The blue square displays the current image position and the red square displays the new image position
2 Displays the vertical image position; select to change the value
3 Moves the image position up, down, left, or right
4 Moves the lens to the home position
5 Displays the horizontal image position; select to change the value

Test Pattern screen

1 Displays available test patterns; select to project a test pattern
2 Turns off test pattern display

Memory screen

1 Overwrites your current settings with saved settings
2 Saves your current settings to memory
3 Displays a list of saved memories
4 Erases a saved memory
5 Renames a saved memory

Status Information

1 Returns to the Home screen
2 Displays a list of monitored settings
3 Displays the setting status
4 Select to view different status information
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