Optional Equipment and Replacement Parts

You can purchase screens, other optional accessories, and replacement parts from an Epson authorized reseller. To find the nearest reseller, call 800-GO-EPSON (800-463-7766) in the U.S. or 800-807-7766 in Canada. Or you can purchase online at epsonstore.com (U.S. sales) or epsonstore.ca (Canadian sales).

Epson offers the following optional accessories and replacement parts for your projector:

Option or part Part number
Air filter (ELPAF52) V13H134A52
Wireless LAN module (ELPAP10) V12H731P02
HDBaseT Transmitter (ELPHD01) V12H547020
Remote control cable set (ELPKC28) V12H005C28
Epson DC-07 document camera (ELPDC07) V12H759020
Epson DC-11 document camera (ELPDC11) V12H377020
Epson DC-13 document camera (ELPDC13) V12H757020
Epson DC-20 document camera (ELPDC20) V12H500020
Epson DC-21 document camera (ELPDC21) V12H758020
Wireless IR mouse receiver for remote control (ELPST16) V12H007T16
Component-to-VGA video cable ELPKC19
VGA video cable 10 feet (3.0 m) length F3H982-10
HDMI audio video cable 3 feet (0.9 m) length AV22300-03
HDMI audio video cable 6 feet (1.8 m) length AV22300-06
Mounting handle (ELPMB49) V12H830010
Rear-throw zoom lens (ELPLR05) V12H004R05
Short-throw zoom lens (ELPLU05) V12H004U05
Wide-throw zoom lens (ELPLW07)) V12H004W07
Middle-throw zoom lens #1 (ELPLM12) V12H004M0C
Middle-throw zoom lens #2 (ELPLM13) V12H004M0D
Middle-throw zoom lens #3 (ELPLM14) V12H004M0E
Long-throw zoom lens #1 (ELPLL09) V12H004L09
Long-throw zoom lens #2 (ELPLL10) V12H004L0A
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