Projector Parts - Remote Control

1 On button (turns on the projector)
2 Standby button (turns off the projector)
3 Source buttons (select an image source)
4 User1, User2, and User3 buttons (open menu assigned by user)
5 Aspect button (selects the image aspect ratio)
6 Auto button (automatically adjusts computer images)
7 Freeze button (stops video action)
8 Default button (resets settings to their default values in the projector menu system)
9 Menu button (accesses projector menu system)
10 Arrow buttons (move through on-screen options and move pointer)
11 Enter button (selects options and left mouse button)
12 On-Screen button (displays or hides the on-screen menus or messages)
13 Zoom button (changes the image size)
14 Focus button (adjusts the image focus)
15 Lens Shift button (adjusts the image position)
16 Numeric buttons (enter numbers)
17 ID button (hold down and use numeric keys to select projector to control)
18 ID switch (selects control of one or all projectors)
19 Remote port (connects to a remote control cable)
20 i button (displays the Info menu)
21 Num button (hold down and use numeric keys to enter numbers)
22 Page up and down buttons (scroll through image files when projecting from a computer over a network connection; change the page when projecting a PowerPoint file using the optional wireless mouse receiver)
23 Geometry button (corrects image shape)
24 Test Pattern button (displays a test pattern)
25 Distortion button (corrects image distortion)
26 Shutter button (turns signal on or off temporarily)
27 Esc button (cancels/exits functions and right mouse button)
28 Memory button (saves and applies presets)
29 Color Mode button (selects display modes)
30 Search button (searches for connected sources)
31 Light button (lights up the remote control buttons temporarily)
32 Indicator light (lights up when the remote control is in use)
33 Remote control signal emitter (emits remote control signals)
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