Controlling a Networked Projector Using a Web Browser

Once you have connected your projector to your network, you can select projector settings and control projection using a compatible web browser. This lets you access the projector remotely.
Note: The web setup and control features support Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0 or later, and Safari on networks that do not use a proxy server for connection. You cannot select all of the projector menu settings or control all projector functions using a web browser.
Note: If you set Standby Mode to Communication On, you can use a web browser to select settings and control projection even if the projector is in standby mode.
  1. Make sure the projector is turned on.
  2. Start your web browser on a computer or device connected to the network.
  3. Type the projector's IP address into the browser's address box and press the computer's Enter key. You see the Web Control screen.

    1 Select Basic Control to control the projector remotely.
    2 Select OSD Control Pad to change the projector's menu settings.
    3 Select Status Information to view the projector's status.
    4 Select Advanced to open the advanced menu screen.
    5 Select Test Pattern to display a test pattern
  4. Select the option corresponding to the projector function you want to control.
    Note: You may need to log in to access some of the options on the Web Control screen. If you see a log in window, enter your user name and password. (The default user name is EPSONWEB and the default password is admin.)
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