Status Icon Information

Your product displays status icons on the LCD screen for certain product status conditions. Press the icon to view or change the current network settings.

Icons Description
Displays additional information or instructions, such as loading paper or placing a document.
Displays the Supply Status screen.
Quiet Mode is enabled. Noise is reduced during printing, but the print speed may be reduced. Press this icon to change the settings.
Quiet Mode is disabled. Press this icon to change the settings.
Displays the Fax Data Information screen.
There is a problem with the indicated setting. Press the icon to resolve the problem.
No Ethernet connection.
An Ethernet connection is established.
No Wi-Fi connection.
A Wi-Fi network error has occurred or the product is searching for a connection.
A Wi-Fi connection is established. The number of bars indicates the connection's signal strength.
No Wi-Fi Direct connection.
A Wi-Fi Direct connection is established.
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