Placing Originals in the Automatic Document Feeder

You can place single- or multi-page original documents in the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF). You can also use the ADF to scan both sides of a 2-sided document. Make sure the originals meet the Automatic Document Feeder specifications before loading them.
Make sure your originals are not creased or folded, and do not contain holes, staples, tape, or other materials that could obstruct the feeder.
Do not place photographs or valuable artwork in the ADF. Place fragile or valuable originals on the scanner glass to avoid wrinkling or damaging them.
Note: When originals are placed in the ADF and on the scanner glass, priority is given to the originals in the ADF.
  1. Slide the ADF edge guides outward.

  2. Fan your stack of originals and tap them gently on a flat surface to even the edges.

  3. Insert the originals into the ADF faceup and short edge first. The ADF tray rises.

    The ADF icon on the Copy, Scan, and Fax (WF-C17590/WF-C20590/WF-M20590F) screens lights up.
    Note: The ADF should automatically detect the size of your original. If the document size isn't automatically detected, you need to manually select it.
  4. Slide the ADF edge guides against the originals, but not too tightly.

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