Projector Network Settings - Network Menu

Settings on the Network menu let you view network information and set up the projector for monitoring and control over a network.

Setting Options Description
Wireless Mode

(Pro EX9220)

Screen Mirroring On

Wireless LAN On

Both Settings Off

Turns on screen mirroring or wireless LAN mode
Wireless Mode

(EX3260/EX5260/ Pro EX7260/Pro EX9210/ VS250/VS350/VS355)

Wireless LAN On


Turns on wireless LAN mode
Screen Mirroring Info

(Pro EX9220)

Display Name

MAC Address

Region Code


Connected Device

Displays screen mirroring status and details
Screen Mirroring Settings

(Pro EX9220)

Various screen mirroring options Configures your screen mirroring settings; only available when Screen Mirroring On is selected as the Wireless Mode setting
Net. Info - Wireless LAN Connection mode

Wireless LAN System

Antenna level

Projector Name



IP Address

Subnet Mask

Gateway Address

MAC Address

Region Code


Displays wireless network status and details
Display the QR Code Displays a QR code for connecting with iOS or Android devices using the Epson iProjection app
Network Configuration Accesses additional network menus Configures your network settings
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