Solutions to Watch Charging Problems

If you experience problems charging the battery in your watch, try the following solutions:
  • If the watch does not charge when you attach the USB charging clip, check the following:
    • Make sure you fully charge the watch. Partially charging the watch can affect battery life.
    • Make sure the USB charging clip is attached correctly.
    • Clean the contact points on your watch and the USB charging clip and attach the clip again.
    • If the battery was exhausted when you attached the USB charging clip, the charging screen may not appear for 1 or 2 minutes. Wait for the screen to appear.
    • Make sure you are using a compatible USB charger or USB port.
    • If you still cannot charge your watch's battery, detach the USB charging clip and contact Epson Support for help.
  • If the watch and the USB charging clip become hot during charging, stop charging the watch, detach the USB charging clip, and contact Epson Support for help.
  • If you see an error screen indicating a charging error, stop charging the watch and move to an environment with a temperature within the operating temperature range.
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