Projector Feature Settings - Settings Menu

Options on the Settings menu let you customize various projector features. The available settings depend on the currently selected input source.

Setting Options Description
Keystone H/V Keystone

Quick Corner

Adjusts image shape to rectangular (horizontally and vertically)

H/V Keystone: lets you manually correct horizontal and vertical sides

Quick Corner: select to correct image shape and alignment using an on-screen display

Split Screen Screen Size


Swap Screens

Audio Source


Display the QR Code

Divides the viewing area horizontally and displays two images side-by-side (press Esc to cancel split screen display)
Volume Varying levels available Adjusts the volume of the projector’s speaker system; you can set the volume level for each input source separately
Mic Input Level Varying levels available Adjusts the volume of the projector's speaker system when you use a connected microphone
Lock Setting Control Panel Lock Controls projector button locking to secure the projector

Full Lock: locks all buttons

Partial Lock: locks all buttons except the power button

Off: no buttons locked

Pointer Shape Three shapes available Changes the shape of the remote control pointer feature
Remote Receiver Front/Rear




Limits reception of remote control signals by the selected receiver; Off turns off all receivers
User Button Power Consumption



Closed Caption

Test Pattern


Mic Input Level

Display the QR Code

Assigns a menu option to the User button on the remote control for one-touch access
Pattern Pattern Display

Pattern Type

User Pattern

Test Pattern

Selects various pattern display options
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