Print Setting Options - Device Mode

Select the print settings you want to use when printing from a USB device.

Note: Not all options or settings may be available, depending on the file format.

Basic Settings

Print settings Available options Description
Paper Setting Various paper size and type settings Indicates the source that contains the paper size and type you want to print on
Color Mode B&W Prints the photo in black and white
Color Prints the photo in color

Advanced settings

Print settings Available options Description
Layout 1-Up Leaves a small margin around the image
20-up Prints 20 images on one page
Index Prints thumbnail images with file information
Fit Frame On Automatically crops the photo to fit into the selected photo layout
Off Turns off automatic cropping
Quality Standard Provides good quality for most prints
Best Provides the highest quality for special prints
Date Various date formats Prints the date the photo was taken on the photo in the format you select
Fix Photo Auto Automatically adjusts the brightness, contrast, and saturation of the photo based on the setting that is selected
Night Scene
Enhance Off Turns off automatic adjustments; see Note below
Fix Red-Eye On Automatically fixes the red-eye effect in photos
Print Order Last Page on Top Select the order for printing multi-page TIFF files
First Page on Top
2-Sided On Select whether to print PDF files using 2-sided printing (WF-C5790). When set to On, you can also select a binding direction using the Binding(Copy) setting.
Note: Fix Photo uses a sophisticated face recognition technology to optimize photos that include faces. For this to work, both eyes and the nose must be visible in the subject's face. If your photo includes a face with an intentional color cast, such as a statue, you may want to turn off Fix Photo to retain the special color effects.
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