Loading Paper in Cassette 2 (Lower Cassette)

You can load paper up to this size in the lower paper cassette: Legal (8.5 × 14 inches [216 × 356 mm]).
Note: Do not remove or insert the paper cassette while the product is operating.
  1. Slide in the output tray.

  2. Open the front cover until it clicks.

  3. Pull on the front cover to slide out the lower paper cassette.

  4. Slide the edge guides outward.

  5. Insert paper with the glossy or printable side facedown and slide it until it touches the back of the cassette.

    Note: Load envelopes printable side facedown and flap edge left, as shown.

  6. If you are loading paper in one of these sizes, use the legal-size paper guide as shown: Folio (8.5 × 13 inches [216 × 330 mm]) or Legal (8.5 × 14 inches [216 × 356 mm]).
    • Folio (8.5 × 13 inches [216 × 330 mm]): Align the paper with the marked line, as shown.

    • Legal (8.5 × 14 inches [216 × 356 mm]): Slide out the legal paper guide and align the paper as shown.

  7. Slide the side edge guides against the paper, but not too tightly.

    Note: Make sure the paper is under the tabs on the edge guides.
  8. Slide the cassette into the product. Keep the cassette flat as you slide it.

  9. Slide the output tray out.

  10. If prompted by the product's LCD screen, select the size and type of the paper you loaded, and select OK.
    Note: You can quickly select frequently used paper settings by selecting Favorite Paper Settings.
Always follow these paper loading guidelines:
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