Receive Settings - Fax

Select the fax output or print options you want to use for incoming faxes.

Fax Output Settings

Setting Options Description
Save to Inbox Save to Inbox Saves received faxes in the product's inbox
Options when memory is full Selects an action to perform when you receive an incoming fax and the inbox is full
Inbox Password Settings Sets a password for the inbox. You cannot set a password if you selected Receive and print faxes for the Options when memory is full setting.
Save to Computer No Converts received faxes to PDFs and saves them on a computer connected to the product
Yes and Print

Print Settings

Setting Options Description
Auto Reduction On Select to reduce the size of large received faxes to fit on the paper size
Off Select to print large incoming faxes at their original size on multiple sheets, if necessary
Split Page Settings Delete Print Data After Split Select how to split large incoming faxes across multiple sheets
Overlap When Split
Auto Rotation On If you have loaded A5-size paper, select On to rotate landscape-oriented incoming faxes so that they print correctly on the paper
Add Reception Information On Select On to include the date, time, the sender's information, and a page number in the header of your incoming faxes
2-Sided On Select On to print incoming faxes double sided. You can also select the Binding Margin.
Print Start Timing All Pages Received Select to print incoming faxes after the product receives all of the pages of the document
First Page Received Select to print incoming faxes as soon as the product receives the first page of the document
Collation Stack On Select On to print incoming faxes so that the pages are stacked in the correct page order. (When the product is low on memory, this option may not be available.)
Print Suspend Time Off Select On to set a time period to stop automatic printing of faxes or reports and save received faxes in the product’s memory. (Make sure there is enough free memory before using this function.)
Time to Stop
Time to Restart
Quiet Mode On Select On to reduce noise during printing. (Printing speed may be reduced.)
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