Printer Settings Options

Select the printer setting options you want to use for your print jobs.

Paper Source Settings option Available settings Description
Paper Source Settings Paper Setting Select the paper size and type for each paper source
A4/Letter Auto Switching Select On to switch the selected paper size to match the loaded paper (Letter or A4) if the wrong size is selected
Error Notice Select On for either of the available settings to display an error message when the selected paper type or size does not match the loaded paper
Paper Setup Auto Display Select On to automatically display a menu that lets you select the paper size and type when you load paper in the product
Note: If this setting is disabled, you cannot print using AirPrint.
Universal Print Settings Top Offset Adjust the top or left margin
Left Offset
Top Offset in Back Adjust the top or left margin of the back page when printing double-sided
Left Offset in Back
Check Paper Width Select On to check the paper width before printing. This prevents printing beyond the edges of the paper when the paper size settings are incorrect, but may reduce the printing speed.
Skip Blank Page Select On to skip printing of blank pages automatically
Auto Error Solver On Selects an action to perform when a 2-sided printing error or a memory full error occurs.

Select On to display a warning and print single-sided when a 2-sided printing error occurs, or to print only what the printer could process when a memory full error occurs. Select Off to display an error message and stop printing if an error occurs.

Quiet Mode On Select On to reduce noise during printing. (Printing speed may be reduced.)
Ink Drying Time Standard Sets the amount of time required for drying ink after printing on one side of the paper before printing the other side in double-sided printing to prevent ink smearing
PC Connection via USB Enable Select whether to allow USB communication with the product
Note: Universal Print Settings are applied when you print from an external device without using the printer driver.
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