Selecting a Shape Effect

You can select a standard or customized shape effect filter and apply it to the spotlight or playlist.
  1. Press the Effect button on the projector's remote control.

    You see this screen:

  2. Set the Overlay Effect setting to On.
  3. Select Shape Filter and press Enter (). You see this screen:

  4. To change the shape of the effect, select Shape, press Enter (), select a shape option, and press Menu to exit.
    Note: The standard shape effect filters are Circle 1 to Circle 3 and Rectangle 1 to Rectangle 3. You can also create custom shapes using the Epson Projector Content Manager software.
  5. To apply a filter to the effect, select Filter Effect, press Enter(), select a filter effect option, and press Menu to exit.
  6. To change the size of the effect, select Size, press Enter (), and use the left and right arrow buttons to adjust the height and width. Press Menu to exit.
  7. To change the position of the effect, select Position, press Enter (), and use the arrow buttons to adjust the position of the shape. Press Menu to exit.
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