Projector Reset Options - Reset Menu

You can reset most of the projector settings to their default values using the Reset All Config option on the Reset menu.

Setting Options Description
Refresh Mode Projects a black image for a selected amount of time to maintain projector image quality; Refresh Mode ends and the projector turns off automatically during message broadcasting or if an error message occurs
Note: Refresh Mode should be performed regularly to maintain projector image quality
Light Source Calibration Run Now

Run Periodically

Schedule Settings

Schedules Light Source Calibration to correct the white balance of the light source
Run Now: starts Light Source Calibration immediately
Note: You cannot use the Run Now function within 20 minutes of turning on the projector or when the environmental temperature is high and light source brightness is automatically reduced
Run Periodically: starts Light Source Calibration after every 100 hours of use

Schedule Settings: displays the schedule settings screen so you can schedule Light Source Calibration to run periodically

Note: Light Source Calibration runs automatically after every 100 hours of use only if the projector is turned off. If the projector is on continuously for more than 24 hours, or when direct shutdown is used regularly, select Run Now or set a schedule to adjust this setting
You cannot reset the following settings using the Reset All Config option:
  • User's Logo
  • Color Uniformity
  • Color Matching
  • Language
  • Date & Time
  • Network menu items (Wireless LAN Power)
  • Operation Hours
  • Light Source Info
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