Projector Feature Settings - Settings Menu

Options on the Settings menu let you customize various projector features.

Setting Options Description
Keystone H/V Keystone

Quick Corner

Adjusts image shape to rectangular (horizontally and vertically)

H/V Keystone: lets you manually correct horizontal and vertical sides

Quick Corner: select to correct image shape and alignment using an on-screen display

Volume Varying levels available Adjusts the volume of external speakers connected to the projector
Brightness Settings Light Source Mode

Brightness Level

Selects the brightness mode of the projector laser
Light Source Mode: sets the brightness for the laser:
  • Normal: sets the maximum brightness level
  • Quiet: reduces laser brightness to 70% with reduced fan noise
  • Extended: reduces laser brightness to 70% and saves power and laser life
  • Custom: allows you to select a custom brightness level

Brightness Level: allows you to select a custom brightness level

Remote Receiver On


Turns off reception of remote control signals by the receiver

To reset this setting to On, press and hold the Menu button for about 15 seconds.

User Button Light Source Mode



Display the QR Code


Brightness Level

Assigns a menu option to the User button on the remote control for one-touch access
Test Pattern Displays a test pattern to assist in focusing and zooming the image and correcting image shape
Content Playback Overlay Effect

SD Viewer

Selects playlists and effects for projection

Overlay Effect: select On to apply Color Filter, Lightness, and Shape Filter settings.

SD Viewer: select a playlist from the SD card

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