Registering Digital Certificates from a Web Browser

You can register the digital certificates on the projector for wireless LAN authentication.
  1. Make sure your digital certificate file is compatible with projector registration.
  2. Make sure the projector is turned on.
  3. Start your web browser on a computer or mobile device connected to the network.
  4. Type the projector's IP address into the browser's address box and press the computer's Enter key. You see the Web Control screen and a prompt to enter a user ID and password.
  5. Enter the following information in uppercase or lowercase letters, exactly as shown:
    • For the user ID, enter EPSONWEB. (You cannot change the user ID.)
    • For the password, enter the default password admin. (You can change the Web Control password using the projector's Network menu.)
  6. Select Advanced.
  7. Under Network, select Certificate. You see a screen like this:

  8. Click the Choose File button, select the certificate file, and click Open.
  9. Enter a password in the Password box.
  10. When you finish registering the certificate, click Apply to finalize your changes and complete the registration.
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