Setting Up Web API

You can setup Web API from a Web browser and operate the projector using Web API.
  1. Open the Epson Web Control from your Web browser.
  2. Select Developer's Menu.
  3. Set the Enable API setting to On.
  4. Enter one of the following Web APIs to operate the projector:
    URL Supported methods Description
    http://<ip>/api/v01/contentmgr/remote/power/on GET/POST/PUT Turns the projector on (WebAPI may not respond immediately)
    http://<ip>/api/v01/contentmgr/remote/power/off 0 to 63 (default is 128)
    http://<ip>/api/v01/contentmgr/playlist/play/:id 0 to 7 (default is 0)
    http://<ip>/api/v01/contentmgr/playlist/stop 0 to 31 (default is 128)
    Note: In the above URLs, enter the IP address for the projector in the <ip> field. For example, a URL instructing a projector with the IP address to playback playlist ID 3 would look like this:

    If secure HTTP is enabled, change the http in the URL to https.

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