Projector Parts - Remote Control

1 Power button
2 HDMI button (selects HDMI video source)
3 LAN button (connects to a network source)
4 Numeric buttons (select playlist assigned to each numeric button)
5 ID button (selects a projector to use with the remote control)
6 Menu button (accesses projector menu system)
7 Arrow buttons (move through on-screen options)
8 Enter button (selects options)
9 User button (customizable for different functions)
10 Focus button (adjusts projector focus)
11 Zoom button (zoom into and out of the image)
12 Pattern button (displays a test pattern)
13 Keystone button (corrects distortion in the image)
14 SD Viewer button (displays the playlists stored on the SD card)
15 Effect button (changes the shape and color of an image)
16 Volume up/down buttons (adjusts volume of externally connected speakers)
17 Default button (displays the Reset menu)
18 Esc button (cancels/exits functions)
19 A/V Mute button (turns off picture and sound)
20 SD button (plays a playlist on the SD card)
21 Spotlight button (switches to spotlight mode)
22 Remote control emitter
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