Editing and Importing the Manager List

You can edit the manager list by exporting it as a spreadsheet, modifying its values, and uploading it to the app.
Note: A spreadsheet editing app or software is required to open and edit the file.
  1. Make sure the device you are using is on the same network as the printer.
  2. Open the web browser on the device and enter the printer's IP address. You see the home screen for the app.
  3. Select the icon, and enter your user name and password, if necessary. You see the main Settings screen:

  4. Select Export Files.

  5. Select Download Manager File and save the file to your device.
  6. Open the file on your device and edit the values in the two columns: one for numbering the managers and one for their names. If you add rows, be sure to add appropriate values in each column.
    Do not modify the column headers or add values outside of the existing columns. The edited file may not load successfully.

  7. Save the file.
    Note: You can change the file name but do not change the file format or extension. It must remain as a comma separated values (.csv) file.
  8. Select the icon to return to the main Settings screen.

  9. Select Import Files.

  10. Select Choose File or Browse to browse for and select the manager list file on your device.
  11. Select Upload. An upload confirmation is displayed.

  12. Select the icon to return to the home screen.
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