Extended Settings - Windows

You can select from these settings on the Extended Settings window.

Enable EPSON Status Monitor 3
Enables product monitoring for ink and paper supplies and other issues.
Check Paper Width Before Printing
Prevents printing beyond the edges of the paper if the paper size setting is incorrect; may reduce print speed.
Thick Paper and Envelopes
Prevents ink from smearing when you print on envelopes or other thick paper.
Separator Page
Before each document, prints a separator page containing the title, user, date, and time.
Always Spool RAW Datatype
Increases print speed and may solve other printing problems.
Page Rendering Mode
Increases print speed when printing is extremely slow or the print head stops during printing.
Print as Bitmap
Increases print speed when printing is extremely slow or the print head stops during printing, and other settings do not help.
Skip Blank Page
Ensures that your product does not print pages that contain no text or images.
Change Standard Resolution
Reduces the resolution of print data to correct printing problems.
Refine screening pattern
Prints graphics with a finer screening pattern.
Allow Applications to Perform ICM Color Matching
Allows applications to perform ICM color matching.
Always Use the Driver's Paper Source Setting
Prints using the paper source setting in the printer driver, rather than the setting in your application.
Output 1 page documents facedown in 2-Sided mode
Outputs single-sided pages in a 2-sided print job facedown instead of faceup.
Output documents for filing
Outputs all landscape, portrait, 1-sided, and 2-sided documents in the same orientation for easier filing.
Barcode mode
Reduces bleeding when printing barcodes on plain paper, letterhead paper, recycled paper, preprinted paper, envelopes, and thick paper.
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